Tune Ups

Tune Ups

Tune Ups


Vehicle engines today are technically advanced and can be complicated to troubleshoot. Our expert technicians at Klahanie Service Center use advanced engine diagnostics tools and vehicle computer data to isolate hidden problems and worn out parts. Given the model and age of your vehicle, our engine service tune up includes:

  • Thoroughly examining the entire engine and its components
  • Replacing faulty or worn mechanisms such as electronic control module components, and oxygen sensors
  • Replacing malfunctioning or worn spark plugs, fuel filters and air filters
  • Adjusting the engine’s timing and idle
  • Adjusting the clutch (on manual transmission vehicles)

*Our engine tune-up services guaranteed by the Klahanie Service Center for standard parts and repair: 24 months or 24,000 mi (40,000 km), whichever comes first.

Why is it important to tune up my vehicle’s engine?

Normal usage of your vehicle can cause your engine components to significantly decrease in efficiency, due to the vibration and temperature under the hood.

  •   To maintain a safe and top-performing vehicle, regular tune-ups are recommended. This will ensure that faulty or worn parts are replaced in a timely manner.
  •    Tune-ups will give your vehicle optimal fuel efficiency and engine performance


When should I get a tune-up?

It is important to have regular engine tune-ups and maintenance and should be performed yearly. However, if you notice any of these warning signs, you should bring your vehicle in right away for a tune-up:

  • You notice your mileage per gallon has decreased
  • You notice a decrease in power or torque
  • Your engine is audibly running roughly or stalling out at a stop
  • You hear pings or knocks when you accelerate or once the engine is turned off
  • Your check engine light stays on after your first start of the engine

Transmission Service

Transmission Service

Transmission Service

We offer a flush and fluid change transmission service.

Your transmission is a vital component in your vehicle- working hard to keep it going. Just as vital, are the fluids that lubricate all the moving mechanisms of the transmission. These fluids can become contaminated over time, which can lead to an inability to keep your transmission performing optimally. Vehicle manufacturers are aware of this, and advise a transmission flush and fluid change at specific intervals, depending on your vehicle. This maintenance will help your vehicle to run better and longer.

Bring your vehicle in to Klahanie Service Center for a full transmission service or any other auto service, and we will keep your vehicle running like new.

Our Transmission Services Include:

  • A complete transmission fluid exchange using the fluid recommended for your vehicle
  • A transmission filter change, including the transmission fluid recommended for your vehicle

At Klahanie Service Center, we will abide by the manufacturer’s recommendation for your vehicle, whether it’s every 30K, 48K or 100K miles.

Included in your transmission service, we will also do a courtesy inspection of your vehicle’s most vital operating systems. We will do our best to keep your vehicle running newer and longer.

Vehical Inspection

Vehical Inspection

Vehical Inspection


At Klahanie Service Center, we provide a courtesy inspection every time you bring in your vehicle for service.

Our courtesy check includes a visual check of your vehicle’s major operating systems, which includes fluid levels, lights, tires, wipers, battery, belts, hoses, etc. We will do our best to help your vehicle run longer, newer and stronger.

Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection:

Most vehicle manufacturers advise a complete check-up of all major operating systems. With our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, we offer a comprehensive vehicle inspection, which includes the suspension, brakes and exhaust systems to ensure they are up to the manufacturers recommendations. We will provide you with your vehicle manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule free of charge. Keeping this schedule will help keep your vehicle running at optimal performance and also detect any issues before they become expensive repairs.