The battery in your vehicle provides its starting power, and also supplies the needed power to run other electrical components, including power options, radio, interior and exterior lighting, etc. At Klahanie Service Center, our expert technicians will provide battery service that can give your battery a long life and maximum performance. Our battery service includes:

  • Expert computerized battery check
  • Replace with a new battery, if necessary
  • Properly dispose of old battery
  • Remove any corrosion on battery cable terminals

Why is it important to have my battery serviced?

  • The life expectancy of your vehicle’s battery depends on a number of factors, such as temperatures underneath the hood, extreme hot or cold climate and vehicle vibrations.
  • Once your battery fails, every component of your vehicle fails.

How often do I need to have my battery checked?

On average, the typical life expectancy for a vehicle battery is about four years. However, if you should notice any of these particular electrical-system warning signs, we recommend you have your battery checked right away:

  • The only way to get your vehicle running is a jump-start
  • Your engine won’t turn over, or does so very slowly
  • The warning lights on your dashboard won’t turn off
  • Some of your electrical components fail to work


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