Just because your car runs on diesel doesn’t mean it can’t benefit from quality Chevron fuel. Chevron’s Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) meets EPA and CARB fuel regulations, and can be used in all cars that run on traditional diesel fuel. It’s also approved for use on all next-generation ultra-clean diesel engines.


The Benefits of Using ULSD Over Traditional Forms of Diesel Include:

  • Reduced particulate emissions
  • Enables the use of sophisticated exhaust systems in your vehicle

Look for the ULSD Label

If you happen to purchase a new diesel-powered car that requires ULSD, make note that it cannot run on anything but ULSD. Using non-ULSD can damage your vehicles emissions control system and may result in costly repairs. If you live outside California, always check the labels on the diesel pump to ensure you’re getting ULSD. In California, all diesel is required to be ULSD. If you are unsure of whether or not your car requires ULSD, check your owner’s manual.




        Different cars have different octane needs. But you can always expect to find the unsurpassed cleaning power of Techron in all grades of Chevron gasoline. The benefits   of Chevron with Techron are numerous.


        Benefits of Chevron with Techron

  • Helps restore lost engine performance caused by deposits left by .lower quality gasolines
  • Helps keep emissions low
  • Unsurpassed ability to clean vital engine parts such as dirty fuel .injectors and  intake valves

Depending on the specific requirements of your car’s engine, Chevron offers three different grades of our quality gasoline – all with the cleaning power of Techron.  If you’re unsure of .which grade your car requires, consult your owner’s manual.

        Chevron Regular

Recommended for most gasoline-powered passenger cars and trucks.

        Chevron Plus

Recommended for higher-performance cars and engines prone to knocking on lower .octane        levels.

        Chevron Supreme

Recommended for cars where the manufacturer recommends use of premium grade gasoline